Due to rising demand of air conditioning services, there has been a random and gradual increase in air conditioning contractors in the market place. Zero Energy Solutions is committed to providing the best possible services to our customers.

For over 7 years we have increased our efficiency and effectiveness due to the rich experience we have gained. At Zero Energy Solutions, we specialize in a wide range of services making us a one-stop shop for our clients’ needs. More so, we offer both commercial and residential air conditioning systems to accommodate market demands.

We utilize a variety of options such as multi-head, hideaway and ducted among other options in designing solutions. In addition to installation, we provide for air conditioning systems repair and servicing.

Air conditioning service is offered by our professional experts who use their expertise in designing and installing air conditioning systems. To keep up with the market dynamics, our team uses the latest installation techniques that ensure efficacy.

Our technicians pay attention to detail from the onset to the completion of the installation. They also commission their work by balancing air to every outlet to ensure the effective operation of the system while maintaining high industrial standards.

Our professional technicians ensure that they are entirely committed to achieving and fulfilling their customers’ requirements. They also train our clients on how to operate the system at will.

Our techs are always responsive to our client’s environmental concerns and implement ways to enhance environmental sustainability. They supply products that perform efficiently with great productivity. As a result, the installation of the air conditioning systems is done with an aim to conserve energy.

Ensure proper ventilation by keeping the air conditioning service’s outdoor unit clean and free of debris. While everything else about an air conditioning service requires a licensed technician, this is one time a home owner can do this themselves. Expel the cover, and tidy up any soil, grass clippings, and different trash with a hose. Likewise, supplant the heater channel all the time, to maintain a strategic distance from months and months of development, which can regularly decrease the wind stream and adequacy of an aerating and cooling administration.

To wrap things up we execute the utilization of air quality control items all through the unit. These incorporate carbon monoxide and radon gas locators and also HEPA air channels and additionally air purifiers. On the off chance that natural airborne poisons, for example, tidy bugs, infections, and microscopic organisms, are an issue in the home, consider adding a germicidal UV light system to the air conditioning service mix. Ultraviolet lights are remarkably effective at killing off invisible microbes that can add to decreased home comfort and indoor air quality.

Our technicians are always approachable, responsive and professional in handling our clients. They are articulate and skilled to ensure effective communication with their clients.

Our technicians advise our clients on the appropriate and recommendable systems to install in their homes. This air conditioning service is offered at an affordable charge.

To enhance customer protection, Zero Energy Solutions is insured thus covering for any eventualities that may occur during their operations. Contact us today for a free consultation.