Is Solar Energy Sustainable?

Solar energy is the energy we get directly from the sun. It comes in many forms, with the most common being the use of solar panels to convert the sun’s rays to electricity. According to scientists, the sun is set to continue shinning for millions of years to come. It will beam energy to our planet at the same intensity, and produce the same amount of energy, irrespective of how much of it we harness as human beings. 

Is Solar Energy Sustainable? Solar energy, unlike other sources such as oil and coal, is in no danger of getting depleted. It’s a renewable source, which means that the rate at which it’s used has no impact on its availability. Non-renewable sources, on the other hand, are limited in availability. Using them lowers their quantities, and they get used up in the long run. Solar energy is, therefore, fully sustainable in terms of availability and in being harmless to the environment. 

Because the sun will always be there emitting energy in the form of electromagnetic rays, its energy is sustainable. It won’t even matter how many people are converting the sun’s rays to other forms of energy. In fact, scientists say we only use a fraction of what the sun radiates to the earth, less than half of it. Experts agree that solar panels are the answer to the world’s electricity needs. If everyone installed the panels on the rooftops of their houses, over-reliance on non-renewable sources would be reduced. Pollution to the environment would also go down because solar energy emits no harmful gases like carbon dioxide and others. 

What Are The Advantages of Solar Energy?

Solar energy, though a little bit expensive, offers more advantages than any other source of energy. When used to produce electricity by use of solar panels, it’s way better for the following reasons: 

  • Solar panels produce no emissions, and so do not harm the environment 
  • Solar panels are quiet, unlike other electricity generating equipment like wind turbines or diesel generators 
  • Solar energy offers more reliability because you’re sure it will be there for many years in the future 
  • Using solar panels to generate electricity is way cheaper because there are no monthly bills to pay 
  • Solar electricity is not affected by energy cost fluctuations that are sparked by world oil price changes 
  • Solar panels do not need expensive routine maintenance practices compared to other generators with moving parts 
  • When space is an issue, solar panels become the best choice to generate electricity since they can be mounted on the roof 

New technologies have been, and keep on being developed to find ways of harnessing solar energy in a way that’s more efficient and cheaper. Solar panels, in particular, are being created that convert more of the sun’s energy to electricity. They’re becoming affordable as tech companies find better and less costly materials to make them. With solar energy being one of the most widely available and the most sustainable of all energy sources, the world is poised to turn to using solar panels in a bigger way. The long-term savings on energy costs they offer is financially sound, their safety to the environment unmatched, and are way more reliable when it comes to future availability.

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