Is Solar Energy Renewable or Non-renewable?

We get this energy from the natural resources which are renewable and are replaced very quickly implying that their availability will not be exhausted even after using them on a large scale.

Being a naturally occurring phenomenon such as the wind, sunlight, water and biomass, these are practically limitless in supply. However, an energy source which is non-renewable is limited in supply like oil, coal, uranium, natural gas and so on. In fact, we consume them at a faster rate than they are created by nature. It is not possible to rely on them indefinitely since they are going to be exhausted eventually.

Why is solar energy renewable?

Anybody can understand that since the supply of sunlight is unlimited, solar energy is definitely renewable. The energy that is derived from solar radiation is solar energy which uses the heat and light from the sun for useful purposes. It is evident by now that solar energy is the fundamental renewable source of power in the world and it will never be exhausted since the sun will go on providing us with light and heat for a very long time to come.

However, this particular energy source has also one drawback. We do not get this energy throughout the day since it is not available after sunset and also the amount of sunlight is not the same all the time. In spite of this, it can be rightly asserted that solar energy is renewable. The only issue is that unlike water and the wind it is not possible to depend on this particular resource all the time. However, this issue has been resolved by the improvements in storage technologies which are able to harvest solar energy and also use it during the period when there is no sunlight.

Is solar energy fully renewable?

All renewable sources of energy depend on other non-renewable resources to a certain extent. Sophisticated technologies like solar heating, solar photovoltaic and so on are used in case of solar power for getting electricity from solar energy. All these technologies are produced in facilities which are mainly powered by fossil fuels. Furthermore, equipment that is powered mostly by fossil fuels helps in the transportation as well as the installation of the solar kits. As a result, it is not right to state that solar power is entirely renewable.

It is evident from the above-mentioned information that although there are quite a few factors that justify the fact that solar energy is renewable, there are also some logical grounds which can lead to the question whether solar energy is renewable or nonrenewable. This is because of the fact that the nuclear fusion which provides us with solar energy will not continue forever and also most of the renewable sources of energy depend on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels to some extent.

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