How To Do A Home Energy Audit

How To Do A Home Energy Audit -

An energy audit is an analysis of the flow and use of energy in your home that helps you find areas where your home is losing energy. It will show you the steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient and, most importantly, save significant amounts of money over time.

The energy use of your home is not only a large part of your carbon footprint but, since energy costs are expected to continue to increase, it is not easy to reduce your energy consumption. In fact, your annual savings can range from 5-30% in a reduction of your electricity bill.

Zero Energy Solutions can do the audit on your home. We will use tools such as ventilation doors to determine leaks in building windows and doors, and infrared cameras to help find energy loss through the walls. But if your wallet is still in shock for the holidays, there are many online resources to help you do it yourself.

– First, you must find the leaks in your home. You can do this by using an incense stick and passing it along the walls, windows, and doors. The smoke movement will show you where the leaks are. Once you have found them, you can seal them with caulking and weather strips.

– Check the insulation materials in your attic and basement, and around your water heater, hot water pipes and furnace ducts. If it is crumbling or cracking, it has lost its effectiveness.

– Check the coils of your air conditioning unit and remove any dirt. The dirtier they are, the less effective their unity will be. Also, check and clean the coils of your refrigerator.

– Disconnect appliances that are not being regularly used. They can still consume energy if they are connected to the walls.

Why an energy audit at home is a good idea

What is an energy audit at home and how does it work? An energy audit at home tests the energy efficiency of your home in several ways. What happens is that a qualified auditor enters. They are licensed by the government and have been professionally trained to study their home, and not only assess their energy efficiency, but also provide advice and important information on how to improve and where.

To get a complete audit you can, it is important to hire a certified contractor for the energy audit of your home. They will come and do a thorough inspection of their residence. On the outside, you will evaluate its size, how many doors and windows there are, and whether it has a basement or crawl space. They will have several types of equipment with them; surface meters, infrared cameras and hot water and heating efficiency meters to name a few.

Before the contractor shows up for the energy audit of your home, there are some things you should do. You will have to walk through your house and note any air currents, cold spots or any place where condensation forms. You should have a copy of the electricity bills of the year and write down things like the temperature during the different times of the year. There will be other questions, and each contractor will have some of their own.

What is the energy efficiency of the home, how well your house is insulated, what types of appliances are installed and if they need to be improved? He will see things like how thick the insulation is on the ceiling and the walls. They will also look for cracks and leaks, both in the structure, the pipes, and the wiring and in the electrical appliances. Refrigerators, cookers and water heaters may be outdated and waste energy. Heating and air conditioning systems may need to be updated or replaced.

However, that is not all that an energy audit does at home. The technician not only comes out and evaluates the problem, but tells you exactly what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. These can be air space sealing holes with foam sealant in the attic and basement where heated or cooled air escapes or add additional insulation to the walls and attic. It can also be as simple as maintaining the maintenance of heating or cooling appliances.

 An energy audit at home can be a great wake-up call for many homeowners, especially older residences. You may be surprised at the amount of energy loss that these houses can have. It is important not only to save money on utility bills, but these improvements can significantly increase the value of the properties of these homes.

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