How To Choose Your Solar System Size

When you are planning to install a solar system on the roof of your house to eliminate or reduce your utility bills then the first thing that comes to your mind can be how to choose your solar system size. Choosing the right size of your solar system is important to know whether it will be able to fulfil your energy requirements or not.

The power produced by solar system depends on various factors including number of panels and amount of exposure of the panels to the sun. You will have to check various factors to know the right size of your solar system. These factors may include:

Your average usage of electricity:
The usage of electricity may vary in each state as well as in each household in a state. So, to decide the size of your solar system it becomes important to check your electricity bills. The number of panels required in your solar system can be calculated on the basis of the average of the electricity bills of last one year.

The average annual energy consumption in the U.S. is nearly 10,800 kWh whereas in some states it can be much less or much above this average. Suppose your electricity consumption is equivalent to the consumption of i.e. 900 kWh per month or 30 kWh daily.

In this situation, you may require more than two solar power panels to cover up your daily power consumption as one panel produces 250 watts on an average. This wattage should be multiplied with number of hours to get maximum energy from the sun. It will provide you kWh power generated by your solar system.

Suppose your panel gets peak exposure from the sun for 5 hours, then 1,250 watt/hour or1.25 kWh by one penal. In this way you may need 24 panels to provide you 30 kWh power to match your daily consumption.

Efficiency of solar system and weather conditions:
The next thing to consider is to know the right size of your solar system which include its efficiency and weather conditions in your area. A highly efficient solar panel can initially cost you higher but it can adjust its cost after some time by providing consistent power supply for long time.

These highly efficient panels should be used in the areas where weather conditions are not ideal. Along with it the efficiency of solar panel also depends on various factors including its placement, shading and the angle of your roof. At Zero Energy Solutions, when we install your solar system, we focus on all of these factors to install it in the right size on your roof.

Angle and space on your roof:
The space available on your roof and the angle of its slope can also influence the size of your solar system. The angle of your solar system can be adjusted to get the maximum exposure from the sun, depending upon the area you live in. We will use this expertise to install it at a suitable angle so that you can enjoy the benefits of its full efficiency.

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