ZeroEnergy Solutions, Inc. is a privately owned energy service company located in Jacksonville Florida that offers a variety of services and products designed to lower utility bills, maintain comfort levels and provide buildings with renewable energy. We specialize in high performance products that capitalize on superb technology to provide the quickest return on investment for the customer.

Currently we offer over twenty energy conservation measures including but not limited to:

  • Geothermal HVAC & Domestic Hot Water

    Using the ground as a heat source/sink. Dramatically reduces electrical consumption needed to maintain the thermal comfort of the building.

  • HVAC Systems

    Standard A/C systems can be coupled with our proprietary HVAC delivery & building envelope systems to guarantee the HVAC performance for the life of the building. Our end results typically show average HVAC utility costs run $0.01 to $0.02 per square foot of the building (up to 50K SF). Over 2000+ buildings completed with a 100% success rate

  • Solar

    We provide expert solar energy systems to eliminate energy costs and the burden on the environment. Produces electrical power by converting the sunlight into electricity

  • Open/Closed Cell Spray Foam

    We used spray in foam insulation to help reduce energy costs and overall building/home efficiency. Injection foam is also available for pre-existing concrete block walls

  • In'flector Window Insulators

    Revolutionary window products that reflect heat in the summer, absorb heat during the winter, and adds 2 – 4 inches of “clear” insulation by trapping air between the glass and the screen – all while keeping the view and allowing light to enter which is the design intent of the window. Dramatically reduces Air Conditioning needs, which lowers utility bills. No longer need to replace the windows to improve the building envelope.

  • Solar Thermal Hot water

    uses the sun to heat potable water. Provide part or all of your hot water needs with the Sun.

These represent only a portion of the services that are provided by ZeroEnergy Solutions, Inc. It is important to remember that while we may only discuss a few of these options for your building, it is by no means the only option. It is, in our experience however, the best solution we feel appropriate for your particular building’s issues. Working with Professional Engineers, Architects, and other General Contractors, we have helped reduce the power needs for buildings ranging in size from 1700 sf homes to 300,000 sf warehouses. Our customer base covers residential, commercial and federal buildings. Our whole objective is to make buildings more efficient and require less maintenance. This not only offers energy savings but also provides savings over the life of the equipment with less repair and replacement issues. With ZeroEnergy Solutions, Inc. desire for accuracy and love of thoroughness, clients can relax and know the job will be completed successfully because we are every building’s Solution for Sustainability®.

ZeroEnergy Solutions, Inc. is continually proving to be an industry leader for energy saving measures and a resource for quality services/products. Our unique background and knowledge base allows us to utilize services together in a way unmatched by our competitors. The following are a list of the certifications held by the staff and technicians at ZeroEnergy Solutions, Inc.

  • Certified General Contractor: CGC1519374
  •  Certified Mechanical Contractor: CMC1250307
  • Certified Solar Contractor CVC56929
  •  USCG Chief Engineer: 1213892
  • Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager: CEM19292
  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Certified Designer, Installer, and Driller.
  • Association of Energy Engineers Certified GeoExchange Designer
  •  NATE Certified Technician
  • State of Florida Building Energy Rating System (BERS) Energy Gauge Class 1 Existing Residential Rater
  • Energy Star Certified Home Energy Rater
  •  Insured to 2 Mil General Liability / 2 Mil Product Liability / 1 Mil Professional Liability
  • In’Flector Window Insulation Manufacturer – Florida, Georgia, & Alabama
  • 14 years combined experience Engineering / General Construction / Energy Service